File Servers

Pattonville allocates every student and staff member a network account with file server space. This space is protect from data loss with redundant storage hardware and archived with regular backups. It is accessible from anywhere inside the district and (with a few limitations) outside the district.

Fileserver Link When At School (Safari Only)


First time user steps to access your file server from home

In order to use the File Server Webdisk from home you must first change your password to one that meets the district complexity requirements. Your password must contains 7 or more characters with at least 1 number and 1 letter case change. Click the link below to start to change your password (this step must be done from school).

Change My Password

Once you have changed your password you can access the Webdisk by clicking on the above link. Your account will be monitored regularly so make sure to only store items that you own the copyright to. The file server is not to be used to store music, games, or personal photos. Violating this will have consequences including the disabling of your file server account. Accessing the file server from home is a privilege. Abuse it and you will lose it.