Pattonville School District School District Volunteers

The Pattonville School District appreciates members of our Pattonville community who volunteer their time to support students. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the safest possible environment for the students we serve, the Pattonville School District is requiring a background screening for volunteers who will be performing tasks that could place them in close and unsupervised contact with students. As you may already know, school employees complete an extensive background check when they are hired.

Volunteers who meet one or more of the following criteria will need to complete the confidential volunteer background screening every three years:

• Volunteer will have contact with students, such as working with students in the classroom (this does not include supporting school parties or attending school events when the teacher is supervising students)
• Volunteer has a regular and ongoing assignment at the school - such as working in the library, serving on PTO/PTA, or assisting the classroom
• Volunteer will be off campus with students - such as on field trips
• Volunteer is a mentor or tutor to a student(s)
• Volunteer helps with a before/after school club or student organization

In the event there are concerns related to a volunteer’s background screening, the director of student services will contact the volunteer and have a confidential conversation to determine next steps. An individual with a background screening issue will not automatically be disqualified from volunteering in the district, as we will consider each situation independently.

The success of our school community school greatly depends on the work of volunteers! If you have any questions regarding the background screening process, please contact the Pattonville School District Student Services Office at (314) 213-8090

Volunteer Checklist
(NOTE: This form must be completed and turned into the Student Services Office in order to finalize the background check. Please notate on your form what school your child attends. Please return your forms promptly in order to allow time for them to be approved.)

Missouri State Highway Patrol / Missouri Department of Social Services Request for Child Abuse or Neglect / Criminal Record Form
Complete and return the Missouri State Highway Patrol / Missouri Department of Social Services Request for Child Abuse or Neglect / Criminal Record Form to the receptionist at the Pattonville Learning Center or to your child's school. Please note that it may take slightly longer to process forms returned to your child's school. The form can be downloaded via the following web link: